Human Hair Toppers Can Be Customized in Color

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My name is Chanelle Simpson, and I'd like to introduce myself

My name is Chanelle Simpson, and I'd like to introduce myself. I've been a licensed cosmetologist for nearly a decade, and I recently accepted the position of Education Coordinator for Jon Renau. The opportunity to advance my hairstylist knowledge and skillset to the next level in the alternative hair industry is a dream come true for me.

The Project is a collaborative effort.

Using this project, I set out to lighten a Jon Renau human hair topper by two shades. Color 4RN was the topper that I used. Only Renau Naturals colors can be altered without causing damage to the original color scheme.

Predictions about the future

My expectation was that this project would be a piece of cake for me because I am an experienced hairstylist. My entire professional life has been spent performing bleach and tone jobs.

Affirmation of responsibility

In order to avoid unpredictable results, Jon Renau does not recommend coloring alternative human hair. All hair alterations should be carried out Bob Lace Front Wig by a qualified stylist, preferably one who has experience with alternative hair types. There are no other color options available besides the Renau Naturals.


Firstly, let us define what we mean by "we."

Always remember that when it comes to coloring, alternative human hair can be a bit unpredictable. In order to achieve this result, the various sources of human hair are used to create each hair system. In addition, keep in mind that the environment in which you bleach your piece will determine how quickly the color will fade. Temperatures above 60 degrees Fahrenheit will cause color to lift more quickly than temperatures below 60 degrees Fahrenheit. When I was working on this project, the temperature in my studio was quite warm.

During the first round

Using a sectioning tool, I divided my topper and began applying the bleach at the roots. As if I were doing a touch-up on a client in a salon, I approached this the same way I would have approached it.
I noticed the color lifting almost immediately, and I knew I needed to act quickly!
After that, I sprayed bleach on the ends, making sure they were completely saturated with the solution.
After I finished applying the bleach, I allowed it to sit for 30 minutes to do its thing.
I washed my hair with Jon Renau Argan Smooth Luxury Shampoo after rinsing it out with cool running water first.

Finally, the outcome

The topper had been raised to a level of seven difficulty. It had brassy undertones, which I knew would be corrected when I applied toner, but I was still concerned. The fact remained that I was adamant about taking this a step Bob Wig further.

Round 2 of the championship tournament

Once again, I went through all of the steps from Round 1. All of a sudden, it's like a pressure cooker!

Finally, the outcome

Finally, after a second round of bleaching, I achieved the desired outcome! After being raised to the eighth level, the topper was removed.

What I've Learned about myself

Don't you remember how I said I thought this project would be straightforward? Was I ever mistaken! In comparison to biological human hair on a person's head, the chemistry of alternative human hair is entirely different. To achieve the best results, it is necessary to employ a variety of application techniques and be patient. Realizing this was a humbling experience for me, but I'm so grateful that I now understand what happened!


There is an additional round available.

As a way of adding some dimension and brightness, I decided to use balayage (a freehanded highlighting technique).

Aesthetic enhancements

Final step in the process was to apply toner, which resulted in a honey blonde color while also removing brassy undertones.

Considering what I know now, I would approach this project in a completely Bobo Wigs different way if I were to do it again. I would work in smaller sections and experiment with a variety of application techniques to achieve the most even lift possible because alternative hair is so unpredictable when it comes to coloring.

Ordering food to go

When it comes to coloring and customizing your alternative hair systems, knowledge is power. Educate yourself. When it comes to alternative hair coloring, it is always best to consult with a trained professional. In writing this blog, I hoped to demonstrate what is possible when you have a stylist make changes to your human hair wig or topper. You should be motivated to experiment with your wig or topper now, don't you think?