About Gigs4Gig
Gigs4gig (a.k.a 4GiGs) is an integrated social entertainment and engagement platform offered by Techne Hub (UK) Ltd for community networking in emerging digital regions. 4GiGs enables users to connect, share status updates and views, media (photos, video, live streams, etc.), and discover events, gigs as well as a variety of social interests.

Gigs4gig Network is a social media network service by TechNE GH. Ltd. The social network services (SNS) offered by Gigs4gig include blogging, vlogging, posting comments, following, social networking, finding people, connecting with people, chatting with people, sharing content, advertising, creating profile pages, sharing events and more. At TechNE GH. Ltd, our SNS strategy with Gigs4gig is to enrich local content and enable SMEs to leverage a platform that is close to them to improve their digitalization strategy. As a brand of TechNE Gh. Ltd, Gigs4gig will help users of its platform see a digital twin on Ghana, and the rest of Africa in a way that effectively enables them to interact better within their locations much more than they've ever done before. Our strategy is to effectively learn from user feedback and behavior to improve and localize social network services the way each of the locations we serve has been used to while weaving into the fabric of our platforms the proclivities of different cultures and life-style. Our platform will be used to educate, share relevant information that improves lives, and facilitate commerce in a secure and trust-labeled way.